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The Power of Habit

No matter what has drawn you to my pages, I can guarantee that everyone has one thing in common that has motivated them to look for more information. Whether it be for weight loss, Personal training or

, either you are looking to change your lifestyle, diet, posture or muscular use, because you are experiencing pain, anxiety, weight gain, digestive problems, degeneration, Etc. Etc.

Such is the power of your habits. Everyone has them, they quite literally create us. Some are good and enhance our lives over our entire lifetime. Cleaning your teeth, showering, putting warm clothes on when it is cold, are just a few to mention. Others seem to have started with good intentions, but eventually we grow out of them, and find that they are holding us back in some way. Sleeping in late, ice-cream treats as rewards for good behaviour, lying in an effort not to disappoint mum (or worse, Dad.), sitting on the floor, and huge hearty meals after a long day out with your mates, eventually lead to problems.

The good news is that research has shown over and over again that there are some ‘key stone’ habits that have positive impacts on many other, seemingly unrelated, areas of your life.

If you thought that making you bed every morning would improve you daily productivity at home and at work, would it be worth taking the time to implement?

What if by exercising regularly, just once a week, you could eventually kick your Hot chips and gravy obsession, improve your sore knee, reduce the inflammation in your bowels, stop you from getting the flu every winter, improve your mental clarity and dexterity, give you more tolerance with your aging mother and encourage you to finally tidy up your yard and keep it tidy, would you do it?

If you have some lifestyle changes to make, IN A HURRY, key stone habits are what you need to be looking into. They are indirect catalysts for change and often they are so simple to implement that you will be kicking yourself that you didn’t cotton on to them sooner.

For more information, you might like to read "The Power of Habit." by Charles Duhigg or something else.

I hope you have enjoyed this little snippet of taking charge of your life. Next, I will talk about building your confidence with ‘small wins.’.



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