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Winter Warmer. Super Simple Pumpkin Soup.


The basics:

1 whole Butternut pumpkin.

1 table spoon of Butter

2 – 3 cloves of Garlic

2 cm of Ginger



Liquid stock.

Added flavour to your personal taste and creativity:

Fresh chilli

Fresh Coriander

Thai spice

Fish sauce

Coconut milk

Coconut cream

Oils, of preferred flavours.

Cooking Method:

1. Skin the pumpkin and take out the seeds, cut the flesh into thick cubes.

2. Roughly chop the garlic and ginger.

3. Place these 3 ingredients into a heavy based pot or pan with the butter, salt and pepper.

4. On a low heat, put the lid on and ‘sweat’ these ingredients for about 20 mins, stirring occasionally.

‘Sweating’ allows all the flavours to come out of the ingredients and creates the ‘stock’ of the soup. It also preserves a lot of the nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed in the cooking process.

5. Once the pumpkin is soft and falling apart, add the liquid stock, and allow it to heat slowly by leaving it on a low heat.

Total cooking time is about 60 mins. I then blend in a Ninja, after it has cooled, but you can eat it as it is if you prefer a chunky soup. You can then add any of your extra flavours, and enjoy.

Top Tips:

Coriander: Despite giving the soup a really fresh taste, it is also a great heavy metal

. Add it fresh just before serving.

Salt: Choose a good quality liquid stock that is low in salt, as you will be adding your own salt to taste. Preferably an unprocessed source like, Sea salt, Himalayan, or Celtic.

Oils: Cold presses, unrefined oils not only benefit your heart health, but they are essential for certain hormone and vitamin metabolism. Do not heat these oils, add after the soup has cooled enough for consumption.

Calories: This basic soup is very low in calories, ideal for weight loss, however, if your brain is screaming for more food, I add a tablespoon of oils and fats to it in order to meet my daily calorie requirements.

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