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Buderim Better Bodies

 Sports and Exercise Kinesiologist

Creative, Systematic, Achievable.

For the love of living.


Living your best life takes action, commitment and passion.

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What can you expect in a kinesiology appointment?

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For the patient

I use PKP Kinesiology. It is one of the original teachings that came out of chiropractic’s in America. Muscle testing and emotional acknowledgement are the greatest points of difference between Kinesiology and other allied health modalities, that's what makes it so effective, so the benefits you receive are directly tied into your willingness to explore the unexpected. 

Kinesiology requires alot of physical handling and movement, because uses a wide variety of muscle testing that will typically have the practitioner moving from your head to your toes.

'Corrections' to symptoms are more often than not, a variety of touch related stimulus found in locations all over the body. Be prepared that a sore big toe on the right, might be given attention on the left thumb, head, shoulder, hip, ribs, or all of the above. It will all depend on what shows through the muscle testing, how long you have had the symptom and what effect it is having on the rest of the body. For the patient, it may feel 'out of control', unpredictable and quite random.

On top of that, we often look for emotions that have been 'locked in'. It is not unusual for a patient to spontaneously weep for no apparent reason. Or for a practitioner to ask a question that is considered confronting. There is no right or wrong way to engage with these emotions. I will be as gentle as I can be, while I attempt to drive the outcome you are looking for, however, you are well within your rights to refuse to talk about the emotions if you find them too upsetting.

Take confidence in the fact that although you may not understand what is happening, I have had years of training and practice. It is my job to be the guide and to take the lead.

You should never be asked to remove any of your clothing. A practitioner should always ask your permission to touch, move you, and discuss sensitive topics. You can always refuse.

Maintaining a relaxed atmosphere is pivotal to the healing process, so, if you ever feel uncomfortable, for ANY reason, speak up.

The 3 therapies used at Buderim Better Bodies.

Sports Kinesiology

Hyperton-X is a foundational Kinesiology technique that will not only improve your range of movement but remarkably the brain integration. This increases the recievers balance, agility, speed, perception, awareness and thinking. Recieving regualar sessions of this modality can improve the cognition of learning new skills as well as academics by improving left/right brain integration and proprioception feedback mechanisims.

 General Kinesiology

General Kinesiolgy can be applied to any problem or limitation you many be experienceing, because it works towards reducing stress. Stress on the body can develope into an unlimited number of medically named conditions and illnesses.Personally, I have found kinesiology very helpful with speeding up injury recovery, reducing pain and inflamation, goal setting, mindset, motivation, anxiety and emotional stress management.

Weight loss Kinesilogy

For a lifetime, I have been interested in personal health and vitality, because of that I have also helped other people achieve their health goals. Since then, I developed a kinesiology program that addresses the symptoms that influence our personal health, vitality, and mental wellness. It’s a program designed for weight management, it’s not an overnight success story, it’s a process, but, if you are committed to the outcome, it could be life changing for you.

Outcomes of Kinesiolgy sessions can vary widely depending on your personal goals.

Meet Allison

Welcome to Buderim Better Bodies, it is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to you.

I am now 50 and have been many things in my lifetime. I grew up very poor, right here in the heart of the Sunshine Coast as an out doorsy teenager only to find myself working in luxurious tourist destinations here and overseas. This was a challenging time of adaptation and learnings for which I am now very grateful for.

Before settling back into the Sunshine Coast I persued the challenges of outdoor sports both recreationally and competetively, never really settling into one long enough to get really strong at it. Squash and sprints have featured throughout my lifetime, which have given me the foundations to play in the ski fields, on golf courses, join surf clubs and win rowing events. I still continue to persue athleticism.


Since then, my greatest personal achievement is that I have given birth to 4 beautiful, healthy, human beings, who are almost entirely grown and flourishing as contributing members of our community.

I have lived long enought to have experienced, financial stress, a divorce, open heart surgery and I have held the hands of both my parents as they passed.

It is true to say that each and every one of us become the total sum of our life experiences, and how we interact with those moments. These things can either make you or break you.

The one constant in my life has always been my attitude to live my best life through food and exercise and that it is all a unique journey of self-discovery, I think this attitude has saved me from being broken down by life and made me grow into someone throughful and reliable.

While I have experienced a broad spectrum of experiences it is fair to question who am I today and how do I offer myself to your service?


My educational titles enlist me as a Personal Trainer, a Strength and Conditioning coach, a Weight Management Counsellor and an Advanced Kinesiologist, currently studying a Bachelor Degree in Dietetics. Thats a mouthful, that all combines nicely into contributing towards my interest of "living your best life". My speciality is the science of physical movement and using food as the fuel that enables it. However, I question the individual differences of peoples internal workings and how that influences your energy, motivation and capabilities, which can not come from a text book.

As a Kinesiologist, I sit with one foot on either side of the fence between ‘traditional’ and ‘alternative’ science. I like to work with tangible, physical ailments such as pain, and performance while staying open to any method of correction that seems plausible, using all of my education and knowledge.

Now you know me a little better, no matter where you sit on this spectrum of living, it is my greatest honour to be a small part of your journey. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

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